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Re: flush shock

Henry Richardson wrote:

TheManWhoWas wrote:

The Canon toilets are of course twice as large and flush four times as fast as this "toy" Panasonic toilet. Only people who don't give a crap would be willing to make such a compromise in the bathroom.

If it suits your needs that's just fine of course, but some of us need FFF (Full Flush Facilities)

And let's not even get into the whole flush shock problem with smaller, lighter toilets.

bigger toilets are prone to splash shock, especially North American NTSC models. that's where the user's IBIS is really important, but most of us only realize this after the fact.

i can tell you, i was flushing manually with a plastic 5 liter bucket all through the '90s. these autoflush models, while convenient, don't really offer the same satisfaction of developing your craft.

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