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Jay Turberville wrote:

agentul wrote:

Jay Turberville wrote:

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

I'm still trying to figure out why you need an electronic toilet seat? Does it play music? Do urine analysis?

Help this American get a clue.


It's a fancy bidet and might offer such things as a heated seat. There's probably more, but I'm mostly familiar with the bidet-like features. It is very un-American, but actually a good idea IMO.

Ron White: and all of a sudden... i'm that guy !

I was once the guy who looked at his wife as though she were nuts when she wanted to buy a bidet (ended up with a Panasonic "shower seat" instead.) But now I'm "that guy" who has to admit that it actually makes some good sense. I remember reading some site that explained it kinda like this, "Isn't it better to clean up something that has the consistency of mud by using a bit of water?" Hard to argue with that really.

indeed. we actually agreed not to buy one, even though the bathroom had the proper connections for it, because it interfered with the place where we wanted to store the dirty laundry. one of the things that i could never understand about bidets, even since i was a child, is why are there no "bidet seats" similar to toilet seats. nobody sits on a bare toilet (and there are numerous jokes/complaints about men not putting the toilet seat down), but somehow nobody has this complaint about bidets. to use your analogy, when you clean something with the consistence of mud using water, you usually spend some time to get it all off, even with a very powerful jet (as seen at the car wash).

oh, and regarding the technological overlap between a m4/3 camera and that particular toilet in the OP, nobody seems to have noticed that sensor. it's probably related to the eye sensor next to the viewfinder, but it only responds to brown eyes.

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