Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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Re: Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

If you do some wedding I think that the answer is simple. The d750 would be the logical choice. Holding a camera for a day you need not only nice hand holding but continous use and perhaps with heavy lens. Apart from all the valid point above lens system etc it is not as if the D750 lags very far behind the A7s. From the example shown the d750 seems very very close to the DF which was the second camera behind the A7s in DXOmark. It is not as if you are going from the first to the 50th. Another thing that has not been discussed is the Flash system. Light is not only about its intensity or lack of it but also its shaping. The flash will help in very contrasty situation like back lights etc or very low light were a some bounce (like a gary fong) can be 10 times better than only ambient light that can be horrendous depending on the venue. It this domain Nikon is very very good . The only complain is that they could put their CLS on radio rather than IR. Every small Chinese company is doing it, it is time for them to do it.

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Alalalala when are they going to see the light.

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