Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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Re: Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

cm71td wrote:

I don't think that the 12MP is an issue, but I do think that the a7s autofocus will be a major problem. I haven't personally tried the a7s, but I have tried Fuji mirrorless cameras. Trying to focus on moving people can be incredibly frustrating.

I would certainly rent an a7s before investing in the system.

Although to be fair, every review I have read has stated that the AF is very good. One in fact described it as 'at least as good as the best M43 out there'.

It is important to note that all 3 A7 variants have different AF systems/abilities. And to note that one of the adaptors for the A mount lenses includes SLT with PDAF.

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