Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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In a way pretty obvious ...

Hans von der Crone wrote:

Looking for some unbiased opinions (yeah I know, difficult).

Well, an opinion is by its very definition biased, so that will indeed be difficult

Anyway, I'm thinking very much to get a FF camera to complement my A6000 and RX100M which I'll keep for those moments when weight or compactness matter.

But for all those other moments, and I do a wedding now and then and a lot of indoor work (kids, moving!!), I would get a FF camera. So compactness isn't exactly the most important thing. Things that DO matter in those situations though are AF speed, AF accuracy and lens selection. I'm currently debating between this:

For AF speed, and AF control (like controlling which focus points actually being used), and AF predictability, a good DSLR is still very hard to beat. AF accuracy is a bit more iffy, but if you are referring to consistency in achieving focus in a wide variety of situations, yes, then DSLR AF is accurate. (When it comes to focus precision, mirrorless tend to be better though.)

And among mirrorless, the AF performance is basically reverse proportional to the sensor area. The smaller the sensor, the faster and more useful sensor-based AF. And the A7s has a very large sensor ... A colleague of mine tried one for street photography, but the AF drove him mad. It is slow and hesitant, and your ability to control its behaviour is severely limited.

As for lens selection mirrorless cameras are in theory great, you can use almost anything with a adapter. But, then the AF bit get a bit difficult Overall, Canon and Nikon are miles ahead everybody else in terms of lens selection. Very clearly so in terms of new lenses, and even more so when looking at availability of used lenses.

Nikon D750 + 24-120/F4 (kit) + Nikkor 50mm/1.4 (total cost = € 2.799 + € 345 = € 3.144)


Sony A7(s) + 24-70/F4 + FE55mm/1.8 (total cost = € 2.299 + € 1.100 + € 899 = € 4.298)

(since I read some of your previous answers )


Eos 5D Mk3 + 24-105/4 + 50/1.4 (total cost € 3550 + € 310 = € 3870)

So the Sony would cost me quite a bit more. Which one would you recommend, considering you know I also have an a6000 for weight/compactness (with some very good glass). Still a bit unsure about going to Nikon since I've been shooting Canon for all my life, but the deal I got for the D750 is really very good and the specs/reviews seem to point out that the Nikon could very well be the camera I'm looking for.

I read you used the Eos 5D Mark III before. It has Canons top AF system, the D750 has Nikons top AF system, no big difference there. They are about equally fast in terms of framerate. The D750 has a tad more resolution, slightly better DR (easier to lift shadows without ill effects) and built in wifi. On the other hand you are used to Canon handling and overall behaviour, and how to work with their files - a lot less to re-learn.

As for the A7s, I think you will love its low light capablities, its size, weight and overall feel. But I suspect you would be frustrated over its slowness (2.5 fps with AF) and slow and hesitant AF. And the lack of control of how the AF operates.

I could also go for the Sony A7 which would save me about € 1.000, so then total price would be about the same as the Nikon, but I'm not sure the A7 is either fast enough or if the low light sensitivy is as good.

The low light capabilities are actually not far off, its is after all a very similar sensor to the D750, but the AF is not nearly as good as in your A6000 (with is smaller sensor) and not nearly as fast and useful as in a D750/Eos 5D.

I am not at all unbiased - I love a big bright OVF, I like fast cameras, I absolutely love both Nikons top level AF system (the 51 point system) and Canons top level AF system (the one in 5D Mark III, 1D X).

But ... I actually really do like the A6000 (I have tried it quite a bit), it is in my eyes one of the very best mirrorless cameras yet - it rivals the more pricey Oly E-M1 and Fuji X-T1. These three cameras are among the first mirrorless which, in my eyes, really stand up to DSLR's in terms of overall system performance. They are fast, have fast responsive EVF's, they have nice handling and can actually focus on moving subjects.

I sort of like the A7 cameras (i have used both A7 and A7r) ... But their overall speed and AF performance ... No, they are not there for me yet. They are a bit to slow, a bit to cumbersome in terms of handling.

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