Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: Easy test

stevo23 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

Joris1632 wrote:

I recently came across this Ansel Adams quote; -

Any thoughts?

A hundred years before AA photography was truly difficult: making ones own plates and then developing them, carrying heavy gear etc.

If AA was right in the thoughts expressed here the output of early photography would be a vast improvement on what was produced in his day (and in ours). There's still plenty of it to be seen: was it vastly better? Or, putting it the other way round, was AA's output vastly worse than the early masters'? If so, AA was right; if not, he was wrong.

But the art form evolved and people started getting better and doing more with it, so it's not possible to truly compare.

Not an absolute comparison, but unless that "getting better" means getting vastly better my test stands. And, of course, part of that "getting better and doing more with it" happened because the medium was getting easier ...

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