Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: digital too easy? only if you have grown complacent or you are a film Dinosaur

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i see the clueless film dinosaurs have blundered blindly in on the topic

to suggest that you can not shoot digital with the same dedication and attention as they do with film is utter poppycock

........i am sure they are brain addled from breathing in those chemical fumes in the wet darkroom for all those years so to make such assumptions .

I suspect those that hold such a notion were never very skilled in the art of photography in the first place and use it as an excuse to justify this.

I know there are plenty of film users out there who have a deeper understanding and respect for both mediums .certainly not lumping those in with these brain addled and ignorant lumbering dinosaurs with their visions of grandeur.

Do any of you guys take photos? I often find it entertaining to combat entrenched ignorance...hidden in the cloak of technology. This is actually kind of fun...but it's wasting a lot of my time when I could be doing other things, like sleeping...

This - this was the unkind part. Of course we take photos and we aren't ignorant.

OK, that sounds like unpleasantness...

The only thing I said pretty much in my original post, was that I bought an old film camera, to shoot very methodically (which it "makes" a person do) to remind me to slow down and think when shooting has a different economy, and not a good one. It's also different in some other ways, which I'd forgotten some of.

I never stated that film was better, and if I implied so, then I either misstated my views or was misunderstood. I shoot 99.9% in digital...and would never go back to film...except to experiment with it....or maybe to experiment with something like DOF in a format I couldn't afford in digital...but can't deny that I've seen some large format film prints that are of very high resolution, by some very good photographers/developers (and requiring a lot more work, than I'd care myself, or know how to do).

I shoot in many different ways..experimenting with different approaches...

Yeah in retrospect I agree. I was just a bit angry at being misinterpreted...and most who read through the complete sub thread would have seen that I was never advocating that film in any way, or at least in general, was better than digital. It can be a more methodical media, but not to everyone, and if I use it's only to get me to consider my methodology in digital . If I offended anyone, I apologize...guess I became increasingly frustrated at trying to explain what I meant, and what others took of it.

And then there's modern Portra with it's amazing DR...

I still believe (as I know most others on here do) that a good photo in any media or format, is better than a bad photo in any other and isn't that really the important thing?


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