Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

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Re: Nikon D750 vs Sony A7s : help me decide

Hi Hans,

***Looking for some unbiased opinions (yeah I know, difficult). Anyway, I'm thinking very much to get a FF camera to complement my A6000 and RX100M which I'll keep for those moments when weight or compactness matter.***

Welcome to the most unbiased forum on DPreview!

***But for all those other moments, and I do a wedding now and then and a lot of indoor work (kids, moving!!), I would get a FF camera. So compactness isn't exactly the most important thing. Things that DO matter in those situations though are AF speed, AF accuracy and lens selection. I'm currently debating between this:***

Hans, why do you think that professional photographers, if it is wedding or photojournalism use almost all DSLR's?
Nikon will give you a system, which whatever will happen can be used decades to come. A system which you can expand or (seeing that money is a reason to choose and not really a need) sell if it is not your thing after all.

***since I've been shooting Canon for all my life, but the deal I got for the D750 is really very good and the specs/reviews seem to point out that the Nikon could very well be the camera I'm looking for.***

If you still have Canon lenses/equipment I would be looking into Canon if I was you.

***I could also go for the Sony A7 which would save me about € 1.000, so then total price would be about the same as the Nikon, but I'm not sure the A7 is either fast enough or if the low light sensitivy is as good.***

I think the best for you is to ask yourself what you really need. If you need the best of the best than make money not the reason to choose. All systems will give you excellent imagery, Sony, Nikon Canon, they all do. Question is what will you do in 5 years with it? So if you're planning to make photography a long lasting hobby/semi-professional thing, I would advice you to invest into a system which will give you guarantee that it can be extended in the future, so choose Nikon or Canon.


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