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A toilet otaku!

Chez Wimpy wrote:

As any Japanese contractor will tell you... stick to the specialists. Corona for heaters, Inax and Toto (the Canon and Nikon) for toilets. National (Panasonic) is considered the store-brand (also ran) for everything under the sun.

Oh boy, that's a hoot!  I figured there were toilet otaku (geeks) since there are otaku for about just about everything else you can imagine or even can't imagine.  First time to see it though.  Do you have magazines, websites, etc. about toilets where you can feed your passion?  I bet you toilet otaku have big fanboy fights about various toilets.  What do you call the equivalent of pixel peeping?  Maybe poop peeping or poop probing?  I think turd scrutinizing has a certain ring to it.  Whatever you call it then enjoy!

How do otaku test their toilets and compare them?  What is the equivalent of taking photos of a bookshelf in a dimly lit room or a brick wall?

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