Nikon 85 2.0 as a portrait lens on xpro or xt

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photoreddi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,939
Re: Nikon 85 2.0 as a portrait lens on xpro or xt

win39 wrote:

It is a little long for a portrait length if it is an FX lens. Your 55 is the perfect portrait lens as far as focal length is concerned.

All of Nikon's 85mm lenses would have the same 'length' on a Fuji X camera, whether they're DX or FX. Also, there's no focal length that's the 'perfect' focal length for portraits. It depends on the photographer's specialty and/or preferences. Some portrait photographers prefer 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses. If those photographers switched brands, they'd probably want to get Fuji's forthcoming 50-140mm f/2.8 lens, possibly supplemented with one of the wider aperture 85mm lenses if f/2.8 isn't wide enough. Nikon's 105mm DC and 135mm DC (both f/2.0) are also popular portrait lenses. For some group portraits, 55mm even might even be too long.

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