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Before Christmas I finished comparision S2 Pro vs. Nikon F80 with negative (Fujifilm Superia Reala) and slide (Fujifilm Provia 100F) films.

In terms of resolution, films resolution is better than S2 (even better than Canon 1Ds). But film have a lot more noise (granularity), then, prints up to 30x45cm are better from S2 Pro, as a rule even for analogue prints from the film (without scanning). Testing made with 50mm lens and AF-S 80-200 at 80mm f/8 with 4000dpi film scanning (Nikon Coolscan 4000ED).

About one half demonstrating 35mm films frame (24x36mm) vs. SuperCCD frame 15.7x23.5mm, another half of the shots demonstrating images from the same frame size (15.7x23.5mm for films and SuperCCD) for silver-halide and SuperCCD technoligies compare.

For some test images from digital, for one half of image I added noise (Grain Surgery film-like grain or Gaussian noise). I think, this is a good idea for very big noise-free digital prints to prevent water-colors picture from digital (in some cases film haven't more better resolution than digital, but granularity lead to sharpest images impression).

This is very big article in Russian (then, you can see images and curves, but cannot reading text without online Russian-English translator like http://translation.paralink.com/urlmode.asp ).

Theoretical part: SuperCCD and film resolution:
Resolution: tests, MTF curves.
Characteristic curves, latitude, DR of digital and film technologies:
Sensitometry (film and digital). Kodak IT-8 target tests.
Shots comparision: S2 vs. negative Superia Reala - part 1:
Shots comparision: S2 vs. negative Superia Reala - part 2:
Shots comparision: S2 vs. negative Superia Reala - part 3:
Shots comparision: S2 vs. negative Superia Reala - part 4:
Prints comparision: optical prints 30x45cm = 12"x18"
from Superia Reala vs. digital S2 Pro prints (Fujifilm Frontier 350):
Long exposures and high ISO tests (S2 Pro only). Conclusions.
Gallery (S2 Pro shots only, full-size shots)

Some examples from this comparision:

Nature: 15.7x23.5mm and 24x36mm Superia Reala 4000dpi scan vs. S2 Pro 15.7x23.5 SuperCCD (RAW)

Nature: 24x36mm Superia Reala 4000dpi scan vs. S2 Pro shot (RAW)

Nature: 23.5x15.7mm Superia Reala frame 4000dpi scan vs.S2 Pro shot (RAW) for silver-halide grain and SuperCCD technologies comparision:

Portrait: 24x36mm Superia Reala 4000dpi scan vs. S2 Pro shot (RAW)

Portrait: 24x36mm Provia 100F 4000dpi scan vs. S2 Pro shot (RAW)

Prints comparision - prints from equal film and CCD size 23.5x15.7mm:

Prints comparision - print from full 24x36mm film frame vs. S2 Pro 23.5x15.7mm CCD:

Very important is graph (contrast from spatial frequency dependency for 1Ds, D60, S2 Pro and Provia 100F) from second article (comparision Canon 1Ds, D60 and Fuji S2 Pro), I linked it and some pictures at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1020&message=5436539

My private opinion is: for S2 Pro RAW shots, converted using Fujifilm convertors or QImage Pro, print sizes up to 25x38cm (10"x15") are excellent, looking the same like manual prints from the 35mm film and better than optical (chemical) Kodak mini laboratory prints.

Of course, prints 40x60cm (16"x24") and more (I printed up to 100x150cm = 40"x60") should be viewed from some distance for solid impressions.

BUT Jpeg shots maximum excellent size is 20x30cm (8"x12") even after some procesing/sharping. 12Mp Jpegs from camera practically are equal in quality and resolution to 6Mp Jpegs from camera. Then, RAW shooting and processing (that add up to 40% real details/resolution power) is necessary for excellent prints more than 20x30cm (8"x12").

Sorry for very big answer, I think, I copied less than 10% of samples from comparision. I hope, this information will be interesting not for Russian readers only.

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