Sony A7 series Full Frame Buyer Poll

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Sony A7 series Full Frame Buyer Poll

This is for buyers, potential buyers, or non-buyers of Sony E mount FE cameras (A7, A7R, A7S, exclude camcorders unless you plan on using them primarily for still photographs).

I am curious to gauge interest in full frame camera buyers.

Read full frame to mean any interchangeable or fixed lens digital camera used primarily for photography with a 24x36mm imaging sensor.

If you bought more than 1 A7 model at the same time consider them the same camera, if you bought them a reasonable time apart, use the appropriate response.

A7 series is any A7 model, A7R, A7S or A7.


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I bought an A7 series to replace an existing full frame camera.
21.7% 49  votes
I bought an A7 series and still plan to keep my existing full frame camera.
13.7% 31  votes
I bought an A7 series and this is my first full frame camera.
39.8% 90  votes
I plan to buy an A7 series in the next 6 months.
19.5% 44  votes
What's full frame? (I don't have one and don't plan on buying one)
5.3% 12  votes
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