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RainProductions wrote:

Just thought I'd offer some info and #s as this is a fairly popular topic without a ton of resolution. I know there are TONS of additional print companies, but I looked for the top providers I could find with strong layout tools and the most options and professionalism. Hopefully this will help someone out there who doesn't have the time (or patience) to research a few of these providers.

I looked at Black River Imaging, Blurb, and Picaboo after having a less than impressive (except for the price) Samsclub Photo Book (there were white border/alignment issues, overall paperweight/quality was disappointing)--I was hoping technology had made the quality in the consumer sector better. Blurb seems to have the most features, but because of all the different areas you can locate pricing, I noticed a $3-$6 (depending on if you want white inlay over the standard gray in their hardcover lineup) discrepancy. Another $3 was for the premium luster paper which was described for $3 less within the main pricing structure. More options and pricing became available when I ordered the finished product of a mockup I'd submitted using their Bookify software. I was literally about to grab my Debit card when I realized the cost to REMOVE their LOGO!!! 25% add-on to any of the listed rates!! Had this been about half as much I would be a customer. The logo is placed at the bottom of the final insert/page (before the hard covered back). I loved the options and layout/descriptions and it was all fairly easy to use, just a bit overwhelming at first bc of the sheer # of options and services.

So then there's Picaboo. They start at $65 for lay-flat photo books, BUT they offer 30% off with a code, so they come in under BRI's $70 starting rate for an 8.5x11 book. They also give you an $18 photobook w/ standard paper voucher... fun, but nothing you can really use professionally. The dealbreakers: You CANNOT remove/replace their logo at all and there's no wholesale discounts for photographers. Moving on...

Black River Imaging is already my printer of choice because, for ShootProof, it's the closest of their vendor labs to my area. They were offering 20% off of their books when I looked, I would imagine this is an on-going offer. It's a 1-time use coupon though, not a running... They begin with a Cover print price, then pricing changes for the types of paper you wish, and if you'd like more than 20pgs then they give you the price pp/extra. While an 8.5x11 custom photo hardcover with 20 hinged pages starts at $70 (1.75/page or 2 extra sides), a smaller 5x5 carry around w/ hinged pages starts at $54 (1.10/page thereafter). Now, if you don't prefer hinged or photo covers, they are a little lower.

Soooo, 4 things I absolutely love about them other than the myriad of options, sizes, and paperweights. Free s&h over $35 and it's 2-10 business days (not 14+, and they have 3-Day shipping for $7.25), they do NOT print their logo on ANYTHING, they offer drop shipping to your clients with no invoice or branding, and (my favorite part) REAL Live Chat... with a HUMAN! Even THAT has its own benefits over other companies' chat (audible DING when they respond, it sits atop any page/link from them you open, and you can email a transcript to yourself when you're done to save links and pricing info for reference).
Hope this helps if anyone is considering one of these companies, maybe it'll save you some research time!
Kristy MacLean
Rain Productions

Oh geez, another newby pulling up a thread from 2012.  Don't you think that maybe by now he would have found a source for the books?

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