LX7 vs LX5 - Sharpness of images

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Re: LX7 vs LX5 - Sharpness of images

John Miles wrote:

I've witnessed no real advance since the LX2. The LX2 was tested with its 16:9 sensor cropped normal aspect ratio so it was always at a disadvantage. But in fact, full sensor, it still stacks up to today's offerings.

Comparing LX2 & LX7 for image quality, I'd agree with that but to me, the LX7 is definitely a much faster, easier to use and far more 'rounded' camera than the LX2. The LX2 was my only camera from 2006-2012 but I've owned a few more since including the LX7, Canon S110, Sony NEX5N & NEX7. The only two I take out with me now are the ones with viewfinders i.e. LX7 (with EVF2) and the NEX7. The Sony beats the Panasonic hands down for quality (a different league) and overall versatility (with adapted lenses), the Panasonic beats the Sony hands down for 'getting the picture' fast (time to shot, macro, IS, AF, portability).

The LX100 looks to be a fabulous camera & I'm tempted to ebay other kit to afford one. Its single weakness to me is the absence of the articulating EVF that I've grown to love on the LX7.

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