Quick question -- which m43 cameras are using on-sensor PDAF?

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Re: ..but Panasonic DFD may be better

Lab D wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Lab D wrote:

The GH4 with the right lens works better that on sensor PDAF,

In what way and on the basis of what evidence?

Well, let's see, I owned both the E-M1 and GH4 at the same time and had greater success tracking with the GH4

Did you do any systematic side-by-side testing and if so, how, and with what lens?

Yes, with my dog, kids and car with the 35-100mm lens. The GH4 was particularly impressive when the object was close to the camera when it very difficult to keep it centered in the frame. Even near the edge of the frame my running dog stayed in focus. Also, and short distances, 100mm and F/2.8 the DoF gets to be only inches. The E-M1 was no slouch either. It almost never failed if the object was in the center.

and then there is the Camera Store testing which came to the same conclusion.

No the Camera Store testing came to the opposite conclusion. The E-M1 was a bit better on the tracking test. The GH4 came out better in another test where they shifted rapidly between different targets. The latter result surprises me because this is something I know the E-M1 handles extremely well (fast and accurate), especially with the 12-40/2.8. But as you know the Camera Store used a Pany lens (35-100/2.8) on both bodies which may conceivably favor the Pany body in the comparison.

I'll have to go back and watch. I never said the E-M1 was bad, and instead last year said it could easily replace many DSLRs.

I did say 'ma be' in the subject, but I have yet to see anyone say the E-M1 is better who used them both at the same time.

but it will not work with the old Olympus 4/3rds lenses.

It's difficult to test these things of course, with many parameters involved, including shooting technique, along with random elements (if it's to be done realistically). It would certainly be nice to see more in the way of testing although I am not surprised that the review sites don't do it. Quite a bit of work and many complications when it comes to finding a really good test design.

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