Quick question -- which m43 cameras are using on-sensor PDAF?

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Re: Is that only the GH4? Not the GX7?

Chris R-UK wrote:

If the GM5 doesn't have DFD I find that a bit worrying. Why put it on a camera like the LX100 with an equivalent focal length range of only 24-75mm and not put it on the GM5 which is usable for sports, action or wildlife photography where you really need DFD.

I could think of one excuse/line of reasoning they might use.

DFD might be something they are only going to use on high-end bodies, and the LX100 and FZ1000, which I believe also uses DFD, are about as high-end as a fixed lens cameras get.

DFD is going to be one of those features that sets the GH4 off from Panasonic's other levels of micro bodies, just like on-sensor phase-detection AF is only being offered by Olympus on the E-M1. Want a micro body with DFD? Buy a GH4.

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