Final word on OMD + PL 25mm "Rattlesnake"?

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Re: Correct answer above

And by the way, I just got this response from Olympus Technical Support, which is in line with what people have been saying. (Though to be honest, I haven't found conditions—dark or bright—where I can have the aperture set wide enough or narrow enough that I consistently do not get the noise.)

Please note that the Olympus engineers are aware of these noises, and this is not considered a defect. There are two noises, one is coming from the AF motor, this is always present when the camera is attempting to focus, and can't be changed.

The other ratting noise you mention is coming from the aperture of the lens opening and closing. Please note that this is necessary, specially with bright lenses, when the preview image or scene gets too bright, the camera must close the aperture to compensate. The opposite will also happen if it gets too dark, the camera may have to open the aperture. The reason why this happens with our cameras and not other manufacturers is due to the preference of the programming done by the camera designers. For example, some cameras may close the aperture down to a fixed setting, such as F 5.6 or F 8, and always leave it there. However, this may not provide the most accurate preview options. Please also not that this does not only happen with the Panasonic, lenses, but also with bright aperture Olympus lenses too, if the scene gets too bright, or changes suddenly from dark to light.

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