Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

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Re: Why to choose A7/7r over A77 ?

I have had a NEX7 for almost a year now, picked up used with a mess of lenses. also upgraded to a 70D and soon will be selling my 7D. In the market soon for a A77mkII and hoping to be testing one within a week for a few days. I have found the NEX7's images to be so sharp it is surprisingly amazing. Though the images out of the 70D are MUCH sharper than my 7D, the 70D also LOVES low light - something the 7D hates. I'd use the 7D in the past to shoot fireJams in San Francisco (fire dancers) and I zoom in on the fire dancers' face with the only lighting coming from the speeding flames swirling around them, and even shooting at iso5000 would give me terrible grain and lousy color. In comparison, the 70D i can shoot all the way up to iso10,000 (dat's correct) and get great images, and the color is still good too! Now the NEX7 is terrible in low-light, and lousier even for speeding objects no matter for day or night imagery, so I use it mainly now for macro (excellent), wide-angle (fabTasTic) and normal shoots not requiring me to zoom in on a quickly moving target, which I use the 70D for. My plans is to get the A77mkII sometime next year or after, or when they improve the wifi-enabled smartfone control over the camera, as has the 70D, and a touch-screen, wheich makes all menu functions so easy on the 70D, and wondering why the A77mkII and the newest 7DmkII doesn't have. Mysteries that will haunt them forever.... Just my two-euro cents.... In my opinion, you will NOT lose out in sharpness using the SONYs

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95% of my photography is seascapes shot mainly at sunset and sunrise. I currently own a 650D with a Sigma 10-20 as my main lens. I'm not that happy with the dynamic range of the Canon. I was about to buy the A77 but then the A7 was launched. I'm not sure that the A7 would be worth twice the price of the A77 (bodies only). I should mention that I print mainly on canvas 36-48 inches wide. I would value your opinions on which way to go.

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