A7(r) Tethered Control With Android Tablet

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Re: A7(r) Tethered Control With Android Tablet

I am a pro shooter and coming from USB tethering with Nikon and Fast Picture Viewer. I also used LR some, but FPV is FAST and keeps the RAW image in the camera, as well as downloading to the laptop. This system worked well for me.

Now, I am moving to a7r and Android. (Am I crazy?) I just shot my first executive portrait session on location, and my thoughts are here .

Unlike you, I really want to shoot wireless, as I have tripped over the USB cable too many times. I am running Smart Remote Control on the camera and Play Memories Mobile on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014.

This combination works pretty well. If I shoot RAW + small JPG the transfer time is ~2 seconds, which is a little faster than a RAW transfer via USB took. The Liveview works pretty well for focus (better than using peaking on the camera, far as I am concerned). I find the camera release is almost instantaneous and maybe faster than hitting the shutter on the camera.

There are a couple of things that keep this combination from being rated a 5. There are no levels or peaking indication option on the tablet. Also, I prefer to review the just-captured image, but if the app is set to review, I have to constantly switch back and forth from the review screen to "camera" screen, where the release button is. This takes an uncomfortably long time when an executive is waiting for the next "LOUD" click of the shutter.

The results are here . I had trouble focusing the camera, so used more strobe power than I wanted. Once I get the focus issue resolved, I will be a happy camper!

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