blown highlights or badly processed or both?

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Yes, a "saturated red" will be a red with little else (green or blue).

You can start with a deeply red (FF0000 or 255, 0, 0).

You can desaturate it by adding in other colors (FFCCCC or 255, 204, 204).

Finally you can subtract out all color by reducing the red just a bit producing a pure gray (CCCCCC or 204, 204, 204).

Quite so, and a lot of people confuse saturation with how bright a color appears. Check this out:

100% saturated yellow!


Hue is which direction on the color wheel - it gets a tad confusing when you consider a 360 degree color wheel in *cough* light of a 3 color primary system (RGB or CMY) so deeply saturated can actually be a mix of two (but not three) primary colors (think: painters mixing paint).

Saturation is how much opposing color is in there - how far from gray. If gray is the center, how far is it from gray?

And Brightness is how... well, bright. From black to white there's a whole range of brightness.

And thus concludes the Sigma Color Theory lesson for the day.

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