LG G3 is a winner

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LG G3 is a winner

First off let me say I just got the LG G3 after having been a long time Apple iPhone user. I was not sure I wanted to go to an Android phone but I decided I wanted to try something new and different.

This LG has not disappointed in any way thus far. I am most pleased with the beautiful screen at 5.5 inches and mega resolution. This matters to me because I am one who enjoys not just taking pictures but also sharing them. The pictures and some video looks great on this display.

About that 13 mp camera, it works as advertised. Focus is very quick and accurate. The color, contrast, sharpness and white balance are most impressive. The optical image stabilization obviously worked very well because I have yet to have any blurry photos. The options for activating the shutter are not gimiky at all. I like using the hand gesture and the verbal " Cheese " command when convenient but the manual " volume button " is there as well.

I am somewhat of a power user as my phone is in my hands 50 or 60 percent of my day. Therefore the battery life matters. I have not had my battery drain completely throughout a full days use.I have come close. I do use the multitude of battery saver options provided . Id rate the battery as being better than my iPhone 5s . In fairness I must say Im not one to watch many videos. Im sure the battery would take a big hit there.

The body of this phone is designed to look like brushed metal. It looks pretty nice indeed. It is however plastic. It comes apart with a bit of effort to access both a 3000 mah battery and the mini sd card slot. That mini sd slot is such a nice addition. The LG G3 I have is 32 gb and I opted for a 64 gb card. I know it will take a 128 gb but Im not sure about anything above that. SO the case again although plastic does not feel cheap to me. I put both a Body Glove screen protector and an Otter Box case on mine. It feels quite good in the hand and looks great.

Just a quick note about the audio, its real good considering it is a single speaker. Id like to have had two as Im sure it would have been great. If you listen to your music through your headset then you won't be disappointed. The phones speakers are perfectly fine for calls.

So you have really good specs resulting in very good performance. You've got the good looks to impress friends and a very capable camera to grab your special moments. Those familiar with the Android operating system will be pleased with a terrific amount of customizations available .

I give this phone a high rating based on the fact that it delivers everything as advertised. My concern about giving up the iPhone is not an issue. I fully expect this phone can and will deliver all I need for a long time.

5.5 screen • 13 megapixels (rear) • 2 megapixels (front)
Announced: May 27, 2014
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