Please Help :) Nex5n producing soft and blurry pictures

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Re: Please Help :) Nex5n producing soft and blurry pictures

Christina84 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I am really hoping you can help me. I have invested in the Sony NEX 5N and I find my pictures to look very soft, out of focus, and sometimes even blurry. I understand camera shake can produce overall blurriness, but no matter how I try to change the settings on my camera (A, S, P, Meter Mode, Face Detection, Auto Focus, Cont. Focus, etc.), 8 out of 10 images look overall soft. Since I could not correct the problem adjusting the settings myself, I now leave the camera setting on I Auto but I still have the same problem.

I use my camera mostly for taking pictures of people, either portrait pictures or people interacting. The time of day varies, depending on the event. Since the pictures I take do not allow me enough time to change the settings, I like to keep it on A or S setting.

I am not sure what to do. I am thinking of investing in a Canon 7D, because I've heard the auto focus is amazing on this camera. However, that is a huge investment that I do not want to make if this camera would be unnecessary for the casual photographer who just likes taking family photos. I think though the more expensive camera would be better in the long run, because the features would be more advanced and produce better pictures even by leaving the camera setting on auto.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me

The kit lens does this type of stuff in low light because it does not capture enough light.  Bottom line, you need a better lens.  These type of shots are easy peasy BUT not without a low light capable lens.  I suggest the SEL35F18.  My go-to lens for any situation.

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