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bachagabriel wrote:

Nikolausz wrote:

I've just recently started to use this new lens set-up. Ii's a bit unusuall but quite effective.

I intentionally removed the exif data during the resizing of the photos. Not other modification was done, theye are straight out of camera jpegs.

Guess the lens I used:



Very interesting thread; funny to see how people become aggressive instead of just ignoring the post.

I'm just curious what's so particular about these pictures? Anyone care to explain? Is it the fact that wide angle macro shots are uncommon?

Could you not achieve the same result with a SEL20F28 and an extension tube for example?

I have not much experience with extension tubes, but I think it would give a different result. It wouldn't be that wide and combined with the 20mm lens you couldn't get the same macro capability. Actually I've recently tested the 16mm pancake lens with +2dp and +4 dp and I couldn't reach similar close focus results and the perspective was also completely different.

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