Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART Bokeh. Is it just me?

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Re: Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART Bokeh. Is it just me?

I posted somewhere else, but I guess I'll reply to my own thread.

I had walked into the camera store with CASH in hand to buy the Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART.  But I bought my Sigma 50mm F2.8 Macro with me.

I did side by side shots.

First, just looking through the viewfinder; the Art looked noticeably sharper which surprised me; rarely do you get a lens that's so sharp you can see the sharpness difference in the viewfinder.

But after I took pics; I quickly went through the pictures and picked out the ones I thought were best looking.  I also had the camera shop owner's wife do the same.  We both picked all the pics from the F2.8 Macro, despite the obvious sharpness advantage of the Art; we found the Macro to have just a much more pleasant overall image.  So I ended up not buying the 50mm F1.4 Art.  The store owner's wife told me I should save my money and spend it on something else.

So I bought a Panasonic Gm1 and a Olympus 25mm F1.8 as my "always carry with me" setup instead.  The olympus 25mm F1.8 is sharp at 1.8 and great bokeh.  But the image quality isn't the same as my D600 though.

One of the comments said I should compare the 50's F1.4/F1.8 to my F2.8 @ F2.8.  I have, the F2.8 macro still has superior bokeh to my eyes.  One thing I love about photography; bokeh is subjective; but the only vote that counts is mine!  So while I loved the sharpness and performance of the Art, I didn't think it superior in bokeh to my current F2.8.

Rumor has it that the 50mm F2.8 has been discontinued.  The focus is SUPER LOUD.  So I hope they "Global Vision" the heck out of the 50mm F2.8.  Give me silent focus; even sharper, but same bokeh.  You reading this Sigma??

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