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What do miglorie and otturattori mean?

LukeLT63 wrote:

In 2008, for those who wanted to buy a full frame SLR Nikon had only two alternatives, including assessment of: the expensive, professional Nikon D3 or the more affordable but still powerful Nikon D700. Then there were the D300 Semi-Pro (for those in need of speed) and the D90 (for the amateur photographer is not sports). Only four cars between FX and APS-C. All different from each other but with a gradual improvement continues from body to body according to need (D90 - D300 - D700 - D3)
In 2014, six years later, the situation has changed and the choice has become more difficult especially for full-frame. I omit the discussion on APS-C. I speak now only of the FX. Many .... many I say many models and renewed by small miglorie distance of short periods of time. (An exception is the D600-D610 in the more sheltered a huge production error that real improvement).
The assumptions are in fact become five: the already available Nikon D610, Nikon D810, Nikon DF and Nikon D4S is now added the Nikon D750.
In my opinion, the last born (D750) is presented as characteristics between the Nikon D610 and the Nikon D810 and "ideally" as a successor to the popular Nikon D700. The legacy (in my humble opinion) is not, however, read in full, given that the Nikon D750 has a few less features than the "granny" Nikon D700. The shutter fact stops to a maximum time of 1 / 4000s, while in the Nikon D700 is reached to 1 / 8000s. In addition, the maximum burst arrives at 6.5fps, while the Nikon D700 you could get to 8fps using the additional power provided by the battery grip.
It's true! There are some innovative features that make it interesting the Nikon D750. First two innovations: the Nikon D750 is Nikon's first full frame SLR to have a monitor can be tilted vertically and integrated Wi-Fi. It is also the lightest of all the catalog of full frame DSLR, thanks to its light weight of 750 grams. Inside there is also a brand new autofocus module with 51 points, 15 of which cross-sensitive to -3EV.
But back to us! I see so many reflex to market different yet the same, or better to say, too similar.
It was better to have only 3 different machines all over each other with a continuous gradual improvement (as in 2008) rather than a mixture (assembly) of bodies, sensors, otturattori, performance, etc ... many pixels?
Although in a twisted way (again in my opinion) so now I see:
- D3300 - D5300 for beginner amateur photographer
- D7100 disengaged but for the amateur photographer who wants maximum performance while remaining in the APS-C (with its advantages and disadvantages)
- D610 - D750 disengaged for the amateur photographer who wants something more 'than an entry level SLR (various uses of photography)
- DF for the photography enthusiast from portrait
- D810 for the avid photography (landscapes and macro) and for those printing in large formats and perhaps for the matrimonialista (but really need all those pixels to the latter?)
- D4S for the professional in the round, or for those who absolutely need the speed '
Too many Body and maybe too much confusion.
Much Body and without a gradual improvement continues from body to body according to need.
Good memories series D3 - D700 - D300 - D90.
For now I keep the D90 which still gives me a lot of satisfaction in the future ...... then you will see maybe a D95! (Both the photo is a photographer and not the machine)
Sorry for my no perfect english

What do miglorie and otturattori mean? It is always a pleasure to learn foreign vocabulary. I hardly know Italian but I know some Latin words.

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