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Re: I will believe it when I see my first mirrorless that’s not in a store

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Stephenhampshire wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

Doing wildlife and landscape to this date out in the field I have never run across a mirrorless camera

DSLR by the buckets and the odd phone used by a tourist but no ML cameras

I go on photo charters to take pictures of trains, along with the normal brace of full-frame Nikons and Canons, a few Pentaxes,(inc mine) a number of DX Nikons a few film cameras, I have seen a Fuji XT-1, Olympus OMD EM-5 and Sony A7 (my, that thing is small!) plus a Nikon 1 of some description and a Panny Micro4/3 used for video. All touted by middle-aged British chaps!

No idea what this says about the future of OVF vs EVF technology! I'm not sure the EVF is quite there yet, but the prospect of proper hybrid viewfinders intrigues. Exposure simulation, focus peaking, "blinkies" in a viewfinder would all be really useful, whilst for fast moving action, the OVF seems to have advantages, as well as not consuming much power!

Action photography will be the hardest place for MILCs to get traction. I fully expect to see little but DSLRs on the sidelines of football games or courtside of basketball or hockey games. To me, the reason for this is clear. On a MILC, the camera is asking the sensor to do two things: display an image to the EFV or rear screen, and to record an image. With action photography, the time compression means that the sensor is being asked to both in virtually simultaneous fashion. In fact, when you're panning it's not just asked but it's required to do both simultaneously. That's a very tall order and one which doesn't really apply to the DSLR.

If all MILCs can have the same burst rate as the Nikons (don't really know anything about the other systems) then limitations of the EVF can be somewhat overcome by simply shooting with 30-60 FPS.  Still requires timing things right but the chance for getting the shot is greatly increased.  At least for the amature/local newspaper type, doubt the pros will be using anything like that in the near future.


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