Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

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Re: Its hard to make predictions - especially about the future!

PhotoHawk wrote:

But in this case there is an exception. I think in the future we will be giving as much thought to prisms are we give film.

Say Pentax offered two version of the K3 - one with a high quality EVF and one with an OVF all things being equal except price. And say the price of the EVF was $100 cheaper; which model do you think would sell better?

Thats easy. Compare the sales of the Sony A77 /A99 cameras to those of OVF DSLRs. They did not make a dent in the sales of C/N OVF DSLRs.

I think in this case one can see the future clearly through the viewfinder. And it points forward not backward. I know things aren't exactly equal yet; but I expect the EVF performance to more completely outstrip the OVF in the near future. I suspect its there now for a fairly significant segment of the photographic population.

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