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Re: I will believe it when I see my first mirrorless that’s not in a store

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

...  the odd phone used by a tourist but no ML cameras

So where are these people who have bought a Pentax Q?

Not out doing landscape and wildlife stuff.

I don't know about dedicated wildlifery, but I have also seen the odd bird or two trying to use their cell phone to take pictures of animals.  Obviously, the best camera they had with them at the time but only because they failed to bring another.

I have wondered about the people that are clearly on holiday but are using either a cell phone or a tablet.  Pictures are either more or less important to people, of course, but I figure pictures are important to these people or they wouldn't so often ask others to take their picture.

I wonder how much time they later spend with all the selfies by proxy.  Will they one day be sad they didn't take a 7 ounce compact (primarily for different focal lengths) on the trip to Italy.

On the other hand, I was able to use the longer lens of my compact to get a nicely framed picture of a monkey.  The flipping camera decided to focus on the trees behind.  I guess one picture of a tiny monkey hard to see is as good as a well magnified monkey OOF and hard to see...

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