Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

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Re: CIPA stats


In my earlier post I made the statement that I thought mirror-less cameras were about 20% of ILC sales but said I was uncertain how current that was.   There's nothing like some facts......  Here's the CIPA stats and some calculations I've made from them......  My thanks to Petreluk for the CIPA link.

Published by CIPA

ILCs Six months Jan-Jul 2014

Production DSLRs : 5,977,100 Volume as % on same the period last year : 82.3%

Production Non-Reflex : 1,685,793 Volume as % on the same period last year : 119.2%

Production Total : 7,662,893 Volume as % on the same period last year : 88%

My interpretation

1) MILCs have been 22% of Total ILC production, DSLRs 78%, this year to July

2) Total ILC production fell (on the same period in 2013)

3) DSLR production was 18% less on the same period in 2013

4) MILC production went up 19% on the same period in 2013

None of which dents my belief that there is a viable future for both mirror-less and DSLR technologies. People only need to look to large and medium format cameras and rangefinders to demonstrate that a new technology doesn't always replace the existing technology completely. As long as there is enough demand, business investment will follow. Surely demand for 6 million units in 6 months is healthy?

The players, the numbers and the prices will change, but the end of the trad DSLR is nowhere in sight. Kein angst - buy what you like and enjoy it.



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