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Re: original crop

Here you go (I didn't have to look far, someone else posted the
link in this thread):

From http://www.fcenter.ru/articles.shtml?digitalphoto/6694 -

S2, 12 MP:


(look at the trees against the sky in the upper left part of the
image - horrible artifacts that would put today's cheapest
consumer digicams to shame!)

Compare this to the 1Ds (unfortunately, the shot shows a different
perspective, but it's still obvious) at 11 MP:


About as sharp and detailed at 100% as what the S2 would have
produced at 6 MP, but almost twice as large.

Perspective is the same (because point of the shots is the same), but view angles are different because 50mm on 1Ds is 50mm equiv., but 50mm lens on S2 is 75mm equivalent.

About artifacts: S2 haven't a spatial low frequencies filter before Super CCD for better resolution, high contrast for high spatial frequencies and "false" details artifacts on the frequencies more tha Nyquist frequency you can see on the Frequency-Contrast curve for D60, 1Ds, S2 and Provia 100F:

(Russian descriptions for curves on the page http://www.fcenter.ru/articles.shtml?digitalphoto/6688 )

Moreover, this sample was converted by Fujifilm RAW Converter EX, that produce a lot of artifacts and excessive sharpening. Diagonal lines of the sprigs and oversharpening of Converter EX produce a lot of artifacts with thicken thin lines (I think, sharpen with big radius value used in convertor EX) . For nature shots converter QImage Pro produce better results with thin lines, see sample

Of course, 1Ds 11Mp resolution is more than S2 "12Mp" resolution.

S2 have resolution very close to 1Ds on the vertical and horizontal (+-5 degrees) lines, but resolution on diagonal lines is equal or a bit less than diagonal resolution of 6Mp D60 camera: see page http://www.fcenter.ru/articles.shtml?digitalphoto/6688
or resolution chart images:
ISO 1223 charts (1:2.275)

Norman Koren charts:

Very good, close to 1Ds vertical and horizontal lines resolution of S2 Pro you can see in the article a lot of times on the nature shots, like this:

When ISO 400 and more used, S2 can produce images better than 1Ds with CMOS sensor:

Think about 12Mp images of S2 is simply interpolated 6Mp images is right for Jpeg shots only. For RAW images, converted by Converter EX or QImage Pro it's wrong think: 12Mp images have a lot (about 16% more per side or 35% per frame sqare) details that not present on the 6Mp shots (like true 6Mp D60 shots converted by best RAW converter). Then, we can considering that S2 12Mp shots, converted from RAW, are equal to 8.5Mp of Bayer CMOS/CCD camera like D60 or 1Ds with RAW and best converter used for processing.

For example, 1Ds shot have the same details like 35mm film with resolution 43.3 line pairs/mm (3114 lines per long side), D60 shot have the same details like a film with resolution 31.5 line pairs/mm (2270 lines per long side), but S2 Pro shots has resolution, equivalent to 35mm film shots with 36 line pairs/mm (2595 lines per long side). These mean values was calculated on page http://www.fcenter.ru/articles.shtml?digitalphoto/6688 for best in resolution RAW convertor for each camera on the star(radial) target, that is independent for direction (all types af lines are present with all possible angles, not horizontal/vertical only). For example, resolution of Provia 100F film, scanned in 4000dpi Nikon Coolscan 4000ED is equal to 51.8 line pairs/mm or 3731 lines per long side.

Sorry for my English (it's one of the reasons, why this article written in Russian)
TeddyBear, Russia
http://digicam.narod.ru editor (and author of these shots and this article).

Mathias Ortmann wrote:

Samuel Lin wrote:

Right, as long as you use it as what it is: An excellent 6 MP camera.

Every owner knows that the Native Resolution of S2 is 12MP

Every owner knows that the S2 is a 6 MP camera.

do not mistake its a and many pros found that the 12MP is all
userable and making money for them, well, if you found that your
camera have YOUR claimed Moire and Jaggies, then I will suggest you
take that camera back for a service.

That's why I haven't posted a single 12 MP sample from my camera

I have picked Phil's sample image simply because it

(1) comes from a reputable source and

(2) illustrates the problem pretty well.

So, you never have that experience before.... so, why are you
making such noise????


If you really have such time to dig out those useless and so call
examples.... Please spend some time on your camera and learn how
beautiful it is comparing to your CLAIMED low price digital

Good luck on your DISCOVERY!!

Get it?

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