Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

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Re: Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

northcoastgreg wrote:

The problem is not with mirrorless cameras, but with the propaganda that's been issued on their behalf. And the problem with the propaganda is that it's been fabricated and pushed by people who have turned mirrorless into a kind of religion that pits compact mirrorless against larger, SLR mount cameras. But it's not either/or. Human nature is not homogeneous. People have different wants and needs. Some photographers need to use large lenses; and they really would prefer having larger bodies to balance their large glass.

There comes a point with any ILS system whether mirrorless or not, where, as you increase the lens focal length, it's the body that hangs off the lens and not the other way around. It's then a question of technique e.g. supporting the weight of the lens with an open palm... or using the tripod collar. The size of the body ceases to be of any great concern.

Remember the Pentax ME? A small - even by todays standards - body, yet  people would hang the body off very large, heavy and unwieldy telephoto lenses. The problem - if it is a problem - is not exclusive to mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

What is interesting is that many  of Fuji's lenses are quite large for their focal length... because of their unusually wide apertures. This alone speaks volumes for the confidence that Fuji they have in their AF system. Can anyone seriously imagine Pentax coming out with a 56mm f/1.2?

I had a bash today with an XT-1 with XF 56mm f/1.2, in a store. Perfectly usable EVF, awesomely accurate AF... there are still some questions on the handling side, battery life etc, but buying mirrorless is no longer a leap of faith.

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