Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

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Re: Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

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Holger Bargen wrote:

Dear all,

interesting discussion.

I would like to see a mirrorless camera from Pentax.

Why not an APS-C with an option to activate an optical system (either as group that can be switched in front of the sensor or as an removable element that can be exchanged by a standard element without optics within) which would allow to use full frame lenses with all their resolution and light options for an APS-C sensor - like Metabones (speed booster) build them - maybe even much better as they could go more closely with optical elements in front of the sensor.

It could be a first option for new Pentax full frame lenses and the missing link into a product line many people expect from Pentax.

Best regards


I think this would be a nice option for Pentax.

It has a serious drawback: they will lose from the current user base. Do not assume that K-mount users would comply and quietly go MILC; I know I won't, and I know I'm far from being the only one thinking this way.

And then, there's another bad assumption: that adapters are enough to persuade us. Guess what, they aren't! Adapters don't exist to make people jump to another system, but to help those who already decided to take the jump.

Alex - I can only talk about my situation - and I would like to have such a camera. And if there is no Pentax camera in the future that fits my needs (e.g. articulated screen) - than an adapter for a camera body from another brand may be a solution. I would prefer to have it from Pentax.

An adapter could be a good solution to keep the best from the lenses we have. I would like to have a camera as I described it - to use my PK full frame lenses with all of their resolution and light they can project on the sensor. If there would be a camera with an adapter of this kind (either within the system to switch it on or as separate interface) it would make sense for Pentax to offer new FF lenses, again - an the people with this new APS-C would have a camera with which they could use their old lenses made for APS-C and the new FF lenses at the same time - it would be a bridge, a link between two systems no other brand offers so far. So everything would be prepared for a FF camera in times were FF sensors are within an acceptable price range for most Pentax customers.

But on the other hand: Did you recognize that with the Pentax 1.4x teleconverter you should be able to use all of your worthy primes build for APS-C at nearly the same focal length, the same situation for DOF and light on the sensor on a FF camera? The converter should be able to correct the lenses for the shift in sensor size - and as we know that the converter is optically superb - we could use the APS-C lenses with very minor limitations!

Adapters are not just for helping people to switch to another system but also to stay at a system - and - who knows - maybe even to switch to the system as it is the only one that offers you both worlds (APS-C and FF) at the same time. This is something no other brand offers and it would be a very strong argument for Pentax as no other company managed to get everything under one roof. The message from Pentax/Ricoh would be: if you decide for our system you will have one mount for all time and all system compatibility! This should be a horror for companies offering numerous mounts and a chaos of systems and a clear message to everyone searching for a system he can trust over years and he can combine and expand in every direction.

Best regards



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