Aftermarket batteries are just as good as OEM

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Re: Reading too much into it

phaedin wrote:

You are reading too much in to it.
I would have no issues with using a third party lens hood, I use 2 third party lenses with my camera. I would have to check out a third party strap to make sure it is secure and durable.
In normal use how would a lens hood damage your camera?
Assuming a $50 difference between a OEM battery and a third party battery, you would have to buy 20 batteries to cover the cost of 1 $1000 camera.

I am not saying that you shouldn't buy third party batteries.
Just know the facts, do your own research and analyse your own risk tolerance.

To blythely state that third party batteries are just as good as OEM batteries without pointing out the potential problems is irresponsible.
But hey you've have a good experience, so that means that EVERYONE will have a good experience, right???? After all your not on the hook if anything bad happens, right???

Give me a break. I have no agenda other than to speak up and say something against the OEMist's that say only OEM stuff works and there are no options.

BTW, what exactly is 'blythely'?

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