Trad dSLR - finally, the beginning of the end?

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Re: Its hard to make predictions - especially about the future!

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Say Pentax offered two version of the K3 - one with a high quality EVF and one with an OVF all things being equal except price. And say the price of the EVF was $100 cheaper; which model do you think would sell better?

I don't know, I don't care and I don't trust the assumption that replacing a high quality APS-C reflex viewfinder system with a high quality EVF would make for a $100 cheaper product.

What I know is that I would still buy the DSLR.


Reports of the demise of the traditional DSLR camera are grossly exaggerated.

Of course they are. MILC-making companies which would want to scare people away into buying their products ("invest into the future" mantra); MILC fans who can't stand people being able to buy something else; bloggers who found out that "OMG DSLRs are dying" means more readers - the wonderful FUD machine.

Most mirrorless cameras have small APS-C sensors or even smaller ones but the trend is full frame, notwithstanding Pentax's refusal to market one.

Sorry, but I see no such trend - which data were you using?

The only full frame mirrorless from Sony has very few lenses for it. Yes, you can use adapters, but that means manual focus and stop down metering. Unless and until Nikon and Canon stop making traditional DSLRs, they are here to stay.

And Pentax - which can work with much lower volumes than Nikon and Canon.


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