Building a photo booth using a GoPro, some LED lights and a door bell

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Building a photo booth using a GoPro, some LED lights and a door bell

I made this photo booth for our friends' wedding in Berlin Germany and thought I would share the project with a little behind the scenes info and images.
The project contains more than the maximum allowed images for this forum, so I will link to the full gallery on my behance portfolio:

-But I will answer any questions you might have on this forum post

Some background info:
I made the photo booth using a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and is triggering it using a set of timers and relays to add the classic pause before the image is taken. The lights and bells are also timer-controlled (see the timer-sequence animation and final image results in the gallery link).

Here are a few images from the process:

The finished photo booth or "Selfie-Booth" in retro-style with its lighted button and shining LED's. The box contains a set of timer and relay circuits that are setting events in carefully timed sequence to reproduce the feel of a classic photo contraption.

Drilling holes and gluing wallpaper onto the housing.

Designing, printing and cutting decorative elements. My girlfriend and assistant Mette is helping out.

Soldering tiny wires under loupe and creating the main circuit board with timers and relays. Making an electromagnetic trigger and modifying the acoustic signals generator (door bell).

A look inside the finished "prototype".

All that remains now is pressing the button

As mentioned above you can view the results from the photo booth after it was deployed at the wedding party, here:

Let me know if you have any questions!


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