AF Points in Group Shots

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acidic wrote:

cpharm86 wrote:

I am using the 5Dm3. I don't shoot many group shots, 3 or more people and I am having trouble with keeping all the faces in focus. What is the best selection with the autofocus points & camera settings to get everyone in focus? This question is directed towards indoor and outdoor shots.

I shoot with various lenses, 24-70Lii, 70-200Lii, 50 1.4, 85 1.8 & 85 2.0 L

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

I find it odd that someone with as many high end lenses has trouble with such a basic photographic concept. Don't mean to sound hateful, but I guess people just spend money on tools they don't know how to use. Reminds me of a guy who bought a Porsche back in the 90s before he knew how to drive a manual tranny.

If it helps, try shooting with a APS-C sensor. Or maybe a G15. Those smaller sensors will give you more DOF.

Is your 85mm/2 a Nikon with adapter? It says L, so I assume not.

Since cybersimba resurrected this thread I thought I would answer your question which I obviously missed last year! I meant to say my lens is a 135 2.0 L rather than the 85mm/2L.

Also, I have thick skin and let any sarcasm or intended demeaning comments run off my back. I don't get discouraged or lose confidence by such comments. I've been around too long to worry about it or let it bother me. 

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