FZ1000 Impressions from an FZ30 user

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Re: FZ1000 Impressions from an FZ30 user


I've been using the FZ1000 about a month now and feel that I can confidently review the handling.

To date, the FZ30/FZ50 are the fastest handling cameras in their class, so I have high standards for the FZ1000 to meet.

As a Manual mode shooter, I was dismayed by the lack of twin control dials on the FZ1000. The rear control dial is clickable to change from aperture to shutter control. I do not enjoy this method of operation since controls cannot be adjusted simultaneously as some fleeting situations require.

Thankfully, Panasonic's designers cleverly gave us the option to change the function of the zoom lever to control exposure. In manual mode the zoom lever controls aperture, which I find just as convenient as a second control dial. I have not ever accidentally clicked the rear dial while turning it, so the click action is not a nuisance.

The "One Push AE" feature is brilliant. I set this to my Fn1 button, just behind the shutter button. Gone are the days of frantically spinning control dials when light conditions have changed drastically since the camera's last use.

The zoom ring takes some getting used to. Unlike the FZ30's manual ring, this one is fly-by-wire. I was at first distressed by the comparatively slow operation - I was using quick, short turns, as with a manual ring. The FZ1000's ring is binary in function - it's moving the lens or it isn't, turn speed is not a factor. Therefore, the quickest method of zooming is one continuous turn. Performed properly, it is almost equivalent in speed to a manual ring.

Nevertheless, I prefer a manual ring since it can be set to the desired position in anticipation of future shooting with the camera off, and never consumes battery power.

The drive mode dial is a nice addition. One of my biggest annoyances with the FZ30 is that the self-timer must be set each time before the photo is taken. With the FZ1000 just set it to self-timer mode on the dial.

Autofocus is extremely quick - focusing time is basically negligible. Much like the FZ30, focus accuracy in some conditions can be a bit hit and miss, and like the FZ30. when it misses, it usually does so by just a little so it's not really noticeable on the auto-review which is quite annoying! Taking pictures of the moon, for instance, one in three photos are very slightly out of focus. This is consistent with 49-Area, One-Area, and Pinpoint modes.

However, in the last couple weeks I have started using the "Custom Multi" mode with just the single center area activated. Focus accuracy seems much better, basically 100%. in most conditions, which I am very pleased with.

Autofocus shortcomings are the same as with the FZ30 - trouble in haze/fog/mist, and in low light.

The menus are quick and responsive, organized well. Nothing to complain about. Customization is adequate for my needs.

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