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The D7100 sensor being 24mp is why we have some suggesting the next big leap in FF will be 54mp...just as we saw the D7000 lead to the D800. After all....isn't the 24mp FX camera a step backwards from the D800 in some ways? The D600/610 was meant to be "entry" level FF...so it kind of makes some sense the senor wouldn't have the D800 tech.

And yet Sony produced, in order, the Alpha 7 (Mirrorless line of cameras) at 24MP, then the Alpha 7s at 36MP, and then for some reason the Alpha 7r at 12 MP. All three are full frame. What is the advantage of decreasing the MP count? Faster shooting? Longer battery life? Better color depth? I really do not know.

A7s: 12 MP, designed primarily for native 4K video output without line skipping, plus extremely high ISO limit and DR: 409K, 15 stops (engineering).

A7r: 36 MP for resolution-demanding applications, such as landscape, etc.

A7: 24MP with on-sensor PDAF, the general purpose FF Sony Alpha mirrorless. Hence the lack of suffix.

Different tools for different purposes.

But if you want to see something interesting google largest MP camera ever or something like that. There is a camera that out there that takes about 3 people to set it up and it can take a picture that you can zoom down far enough to see a picture in a hotel room in San Diego when the picture was taken on North Island. If not familiar with this area check google maps. Really amazing camera.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Gigapan sells a product like this.

Mosswings, thank you for the information.  I am shooting a D100 at 6 MP.  At one time it was a great camera.  Now It isn't good for any of those things you mentioned.

As Will Rodgers said "I don't know any jokes.  I just watch politicians and report the facts."

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