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uniball wrote:

SimonWilder wrote:


I've never been 100% happy with my X100s image quality however my partner had an X-E1 and 18-55 lens some time ago and I thought that in many situations it produced more pleasing image quality.

Given the current price of the X-E1 I was thinking of getting one and a 27mm lens, I think that the 27mm FoV might suit me better for my street photography.

so my question is this, how does the 27mm compare to the 18mm lens (which I've used)

also how much slower if the AF of the X-E1 with the 27mm compared to the X100s


Having read some of your responses to posts on this thread I became somewhat confused. So I looked at your forum activity over a period of a few months. During that time you've stated you've owned a Ricoh GR, an RX1, an A7R, a D800E, a D810, a DF, a D4s and "what I do prefer are the colours and how the images render from the A7R compared to the X-E1 I had." You have also implied and stated you are a professional wedding photographer on more than one occasion.

Yet here you are asking for help on 2 fairly basic general purpose lenses, on a body you state you already owned, and both focals are contained within the the FL of a zoom you state you already owned.

Sorry, you have wasted my time and that of others trying to help you. With your experience and equipment inventory, you don't need any help. Or, perhaps you are a troll?

I stated in this thread that my partner had an X-E1, yes I do have and have had a few cameras but I've never had the 27mm Fuji, I do have the x100s and I did prefer the X-E1 image quality over the x100s.

as I already stated, I wanted something small and light.

yes I am a wedding photographer, so what of it?

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