Any way to save my forum user preferences ??

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Re: No relief ..... same problem

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A week has gone by since my original posting to start this thread. In this time period, I have continued to use my Windows PC, iPhone 5, and iPad to read and post messages on the DPReview forums, and have indeed posted more than 20 such messages with multiple replies in several forums including this one.

In each and every case, for each and every device, I NEVER HAVE ANY RETAINED settings.

I ALWAYS NEED TO manually re-select FLAT VIEW. I ALWAYS NEED TO switch from mobile to Desktop View on my iPad and iPhone.

There is NO RETENTION of these settings on any of the 3 devices, which use Windows 7, IOS 7, and IOS 6, three different OS versions and 3 different browsers.

On the Windows PC, I use Internet Explorer but will occasionally try Firefox. On my iPhone I typically use Safari but occasionally use Opera.

In each and every case, the settings I previously set are totally lost. If I go for several days using any one device such as the iPad, I always have to re-select options manually every time I visit DPReview.

I stayed logged in in nearly all cases so the cookie to remember me, my login and password are apparently being saved correctly.

There are NO settings being saved as far as I can tell on all of my 3 devices.

Just saying........


Me too. Happens periodically. They seem unwilling to personalize beyond targeting with personalized ads.

I have posted at least a couple HUNDRED messages since my original creation of this thread, and this problem occurs CONSTANTLY on all of my devices on a daily basis, not periodically. It is a design / coding bug, plain and simple.

Those users who like the default settings will never see this bug. Only those of us who like flat view, desktop view on an iPad / iPhone, alternate colors, etc. will be constantly annoyed by this issue.

Hey moderators / DPReview..... Do you ever read this forum?????

Moderators, can read the post you made but can not fix such problems, i will bring this post to the developers attention.

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Thanks Marti !!!!!!!! Very much appreciated!!!!

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