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I've read previous post from Fuji users who think that image quality is better from the X-E1 than even the X-E2 or X-T1, personal pattern noise seems to be less noticeable on the X-E1 than the X-T1 from OOC Jpegs.

OOC jpeg's are hardly a criteria for purchasing any camera remotely approaching and X100s or XE1. Especially when its based on what you heard.

I happen to be one of those people who prefer the high iso output of my X100 or XE1 to those from my XT1. So I use raw, which I always capture anyway, and for low light offers the frequently required headroom for adjustment.

To me when comparing images from the X-E1 to the X100s the images seem to have more clean whites in the X-E1 photos but those were only from the 18-55 lens.

I have to hand it to you, you have a very discerning eye. Especially considering you're likely referring to web images of different pictures taken with different cameras, in different environments and taken by different people. And perhaps down to the lens choice as well.

If I had to make the OP's decision, with his lens choices, I'd take the X100S in a heartbeat over an XE1 with an 18 or a 27. Both lenses I own and am particulary pleased with. As I am with the X100's 23.

why would you take the x100s? is the AF much faster on the x100s than with the X-E1 + 27mm ?

A few reasons. Note, I have an X100, an XE1 and an XT1.

I'm going to assume the X100S is close to the XT1 in both AF speed and operating speed. Its way faster operating and focusing than an XE1.

You mention the 18 or the 27, lenses close to the FL of the X100S. Indoors the 18 is a bit more flexible, outside the 27 is a great general purpose lens. The 23 fits in between and can satisfy both environments. If that's the extent of the lenses on the body, it makes no sense to go from an X100S to an ILC as you already have a good general purpose and pretty fast lens.

I have a thumb rest on both the X100 and the XE1. They are both nice carry's but the X100 is lighter and swings around a lot less than the XE1. I use only the left lug for a shoulder strap on the X100. No swing at all, difficult to achieve when using a single lug. So not only a nicer carry but I can bring it to eye level faster with a vertical orientation. Minor but part of makes a camera you like to have with you as much as possible.

The X100 can be set to be silent. While the XE1 is certainly not noisy, a silent camera is a major advantage. The moment people start to hear a shutter going off, the entire environment changes.

Granted I came from a D800 and prior to that, 40 years of shooting slr's or dslr's with decent ovf's. The X100S has a pretty nice ovf. The XE1 has the worst evf I have every used on a serious camera. I'm sure there are worst and I thankfully have avoided them. However, the XE1’s evf is like looking down a little dark tunnel. Slow as molasses to refresh when it gains up in difficult lighting. The evf is the one and only reason I bought an XT1 and I'll forever be glad I did.

Last is purely emotional, call it what you want, sexy, classic, drop dead gorgeous, whatever. To me, the X100(S) is the embodiment of a camera. A very close friend of mine is a retired world class photographer. He still makes more money in 2 days of shooting than a lot of pros make in a year. His post processing workflow is handing the flash cards over to the creative director and then go home. Whenever he's over at the house, "where is it" are the first words out of his mouth.

Yes, when you push iso and shoot jpeg, flesh tones get nasty. Even with NR set to the lowest setting. But odds are you're still going to do post when shooting in these conditions. So you may as well use raw to get around it. If raw is intimidating, get a few free presets from Thomas Fitzgerald and see which ones you like. Now in their final form, they are excellent and give pretty consistent shot to shot results.

Thanks for the detailed reply, one think I did notice is that side by side front the front the X-E1/X-E2 + 27mm looks more discreet than the x100s

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