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I've never been 100% happy with my X100s image quality however my partner had an X-E1 and 18-55 lens some time ago and I thought that in many situations it produced more pleasing image quality.

Given the current price of the X-E1 I was thinking of getting one and a 27mm lens, I think that the 27mm FoV might suit me better for my street photography.

so my question is this, how does the 27mm compare to the 18mm lens (which I've used)

also how much slower if the AF of the X-E1 with the 27mm compared to the X100s


If you can't get a good result with the X100s the XE-1 will not be any better. It is the user not the camera generally speaking.

The quality of a photograph as is down to the photographer but image quality is limited in most part by the sensor/lens.

I've read previous post from Fuji users who think that image quality is better from the X-E1 than even the X-E2 or X-T1, personal pattern noise seems to be less noticeable on the X-E1 than the X-T1 from OOC Jpegs.

To me when comparing images from the X-E1 to the X100s the images seem to have more clean whites in the X-E1 photos but those were only from the 18-55 lens

Why don't you give your X100s to your friend that does so well with the XE-1 and see if they can take a good what you call a good photo. Then you will know where and what the issue is.

the IQ form the X100s isn't great under all conditions, if it is for you then great but there would be no point in me repeating what has already been written and shown time and again in these forums.

if the X100s was perfect then Fuji will never need to replace it but they will because it isn't.

Your logic is flawed. First every digital camera gets replaced inside two years maybe three. It can be a $6,000 Nikon D4s or $1,000, X100s, whatever.

That's not my logic it's yours, you claim that image quality from the x100s is perfect, so if its perfect then how can it be improved upon?

The great Fuji XE-1 is already discontinued for the most part. The XE-1 cost at least $600 with the 18-55 lens just a year ago, maybe 14 months now.

You can not invest anything in camera gear other then committing to the system knowing its flaws.

Why did you waste $1,300 on the camera when the XE-1 cost the same money last year,

neither the 27mm or 23mm lens had been released when I bought the x100s so I guess that's why.

It just a camera, just a hobby it seems for you anyway. If photogrpahy or the results were that important or that critical you'd would have or should have stuck with any DSLR.

I have a D810, D800E for when results are important, I use a small camera when I want to go light, as I've already said, I'm not 100% happy with the results from the x100s, that isn't the same as being 100% unhappy with it.

I asked a simple question in my original post and managed to get an answer from a couple of people which I guess is a result, however I don't quite understand why some people just replied only to start a argument.

So where are your photos from the X100s and your Nikon D810 to show what the difference is between your defined important results vs why you are not happy with the X100s

If you have any skill with the Nikon DSLR you can do the same with the X100s.

The camera is only as good as the photographer. You can take an out of focus poorly exposed shot with your $3500 Nikon just as much with the X100s.

Given your comment above "If photography or the results were that important or that critical you'd would have or should have stuck with any DSLR." I assumed that you were aware of the advantages with a DSLR over an x100s, because your comment certainly suggests that.

I've no idea why you suggested a DSLR or why you want to see my comparison photos between them, regardless of IQ and the ability to change lenses on a DSLR my interest is in a smaller camera is for street photography and snaps.

please feel free not to reply which some pointless comment designed to start an argument such as DSLR v Fuji or APS-C v FF.

Just buy the Sony RX-1 or Leica M whatever FF. It is a better camera system than Fuji X. Your standards are for Full Frame and smaller sensors are a complete waste of time for you.

That is the problem with the X100s for you.

If that is not true then you most likely do not use a Nikon D810 or X100s because you would have been confident enough in your photography to post a image from each comparing the problem of why Nikon is better.

On top of that you would have posted an images from the XE-1 vs the X100s to show what the XE-1 can do better.

The answer is it is all the same and it is imaginary. This is all related to the user of the camera which is only as capable as the one using it.

are you not the least bit embarrassed by your persistent pestering ?

No, you keep coming back to respond, not my problem, seem you want to talk.

I tell you what, when I get my X-E1 tomorrow I'll post a comparison photo from my D810 + 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm f2.8 and the X-E1 + wait a minute, oh yes there isn't a Fuji lens with an FoV of 200mm that can shoot at f2.8, hum oh well maybe one day.

So you only own a 70-200 2.8 Nikon lens? Yes their is a Fuji lens that will cover 80-200 2.8 next year, the 55-140 mm. Just look at the roadmap if you can figure out how to do that. Even so, you can compare the Fuji 18-55 at f 4.0 to the Nikon at 70 mm f 4.0, same thing if sensor size does not matter.

have to say I love your comment "Just buy the Sony RX-1 or Leica M whatever FF. It is a better camera system than Fuji X" didn't know that the Sony RX1 was a camera system.

It is a camera system of one lens like Fuji X100s forget the conversion lenses. Both a fixed 35 mm

for me a FF DSLR has its uses and it isn't just about the FF sensor, its about having a full range of lenses, a weather sealed body and lots of weather sealed lenses,

Fuji only has Three weather sealed lenses and only the 18-135 is available.

its about having access to a complete lighting system, its about having 1/8000th shutter speed, its about twin card slots, its about performance and handling.

Fuji has none of this and BTW you are not buying Fuji X for anything fast and the XE-1 is as slow as the X100s so don't expect DSLR performance out of any Fuji X camera. Fuji does not have a quality selection of TTL flash anyway. I shoot Elinchrom strobes and any camera with a hot shoe can use the wireless system to trigger the strobes. You don't need the PC connection.

for street photography and family snaps I don't need those things, a small, light camera is all I need, because those photos are for me and not a client.

You can use any camera for so called street photography. It is just a means to an end.

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