What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: re: and PROBABLY also the most VF-less FF in the whole industry !!!

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Not a humpster; a rangefinder-style with no EVF?

PetPixel: Fingers Crossed: Sony Rumored to Have a $1,000 Full-Frame Camera in the Works


"The source told SAR that the camera would be similar to the NEX-5, viewfinder-less, and cost right around $1,000. This, we probably don’t need to tell you, would make it both the smallest AND the cheapest full-frame camera on the market… period."

...as given the price bracket it'll be most likely something akin to the recent a5100:

  • VF-less,
  • hot-shoe less,
  • very poor UI with no external controls,
  • that is... equipped only with a TS menu-driven control,
  • a.k.a. constant finger poking at the LCD thousands times a day... ugh, arrrgh


Argggh indeed.

Maybe it's true that Sony has abandoned the NEXY APSC high-end cameras and believes that the world of enthusiast will follow them into Fullframe-land.


yep, this probably very sadly very true - as I see it the last Nex cam oozing excellence in build quality, robustness and ruggedness was the N7-classic. After that a pretty speedy slippage into a "low-price is everything" territory !!

On another topic - why external controls are essential in action shooting should be pretty obvious, but perhaps it needs to be spelled out for the landscapists and others who do have an eternity to dabble with their TS user interfaces - e.g. on streets everything happens usually so very quickly and unpredictably = that there simply is no time to switch from one set of params to something entirely different through a maze of menu pages, and through repeated finger poking at one's LCD, esp. if one is keen to use a shallowest DOF available and yet to attain a critically focused scenes SP


Agreed on point 1; it seems to be the case and some of us disbelieved that Sony woyuld resort to such idiocy. At one point, rumors were that competitor Fuji was working on two different X PRO-2 prototypes in parallel; an APSC and a full-frame model. After one year of development of both models and while watching the market carefully, they abandoned the Sony full-frame model and decided to go full-bore with the APSC model metal pro-camera. Undoubtedly their (Fuji) spies had told them that Samsung was doing the same thing with their NX-1 model, which should have also influenced them to stay the APSC course.

I can see that Sony has boldly created a new market all to themselves, which has the potential of attracting hordes of Canikonistas bearing large lenses. But I wonder if the best market of all wasn't the APSC - old NEX-& metal pro-camera rangefinder model with EVF, 24 mp. So sadly abandoned?

So avoiding the 2'nd tier cameras for this discussion, it is looking like the competition has chosen to stay with APSC-C humper models for their new pro-cams:

1- Fuji X PRO-2 24 mp humper model (with EVF)


2- Samsung NX1 28 mp humper (with EVF)


On your second point, of course land-escapists don't need a full-control full-featured fast camera. Would Sony really want to build cameras which are mainly appealing to lanscape photographers? Probably not, so that is why they offer so many variations of the basic A7 body. Except that the A7 FAST cam. has not been announced yet. I'm sure it will come. But I have less confidence in the future of S. APSC as noted.


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