What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: re: and PROBABLY also the most VF-less FF in the whole industry !!!

franzel wrote:

nevercat wrote:

But many people will like the design: It will be the smallest FF camera in the world. It will be affordable and it will produce high quality pictures.

You make up claims based on a very low rated rumor. Maybe true, maybe false.

Lets try to be positive about this camera:

  1. It will be the smallest and cheapest FF camera in the world. The small size and price have to come from somewhere
  2. The touchscreen makes sense as it will be to small to have masses of controls on the camera, these controls would be to small to be easely be usable.
  3. It does make sense when the accessory port will be available on this camera
  4. And about the touch screen, many, many people are doing it everyday with their cellphones. So for them this will be the best way to control your camera.

- 1 : Agreed

- 2 : The only thing making a Nex 7/ A6000 etc. larger than a non EVF model is - the EVF . A couple of extra control wheels and buttons don't take much space and can be added without compromising usability . Adds to the price, though .

Take a close look at the Nex 5x camera range, the only extra control possible, without making all the controls very small is the dial on top. Who knows it might be there...

- 4 : Smart phones and tablets have only very basic input requirements, so their simplistic emulation of analogue controls is sufficient .
High quality shooting is too sophisticated for current touch screen technology, it really is only useful for basic settings and file management control .

Sorry but I don't understands why high quality shooting is to sophisticated for touchscreen. A perso who want to take high q u ality pictures is preparing his shoot in advance, so he don't need all the physical controls, he needs the best sensor and the best lenses etc. to get the best results.

Andwho say that this camera is there for the professional, it is not. It is for the more common people who want to take great pictures, not for snobs...

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