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Re: X-E1 or X100s - Maybe should be called jpg differences rather than angle of view

SimonWilder wrote:

what makes me not 100% happy with the x100s is the pattern noise, smearing and the often very very light greys in what should be while.

SimonWilder, I have had an X-E1 for a couple of years, and early on I learned that if I shoot jpeg, I get less detail (smearing) than when I shoot RAW. I have subsequently always used the camera in RAW.

If it is important to you to shoot jpeg, then you might really want to consider the X100 (non-S). From what I have read, the X100 produces the best jpeg of all the X cameras.

Note however that the X100 is going to be slower to focus, especially in low light. Also, the X-E1 which you have been leaning toward also has slower focus than the X100S, so whatever you do you will be giving up something.

My best recommendation is to start shooting RAW and see if you can get the quality you want from the camera you have.

Just my thoughts,

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