Stylus1 - nightlight/shadow blinkies option & histogram ?

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Re: Stylus1 - nightlight/shadow blinkies option & histogram ?

In "P" mode, if you let default params (Ps on barel ring, EC on top plate dial), when you display the histogram (switching with "Info" button), as soon as you modify the exposure compensation (with top plate dial), the histogram disapears and reapears a few seconds later when the right icons reappear on the screen (this is a strange behaviour...)

I noticed that, if you switch the exposure compensation to the barrel ring (and put "Program shift" to the top plate dial), when you change the exposure compensation (with barel ring this time), the histogram stays on screen.

My assuption is that, as modifying a parameter with the barel ring launches a specific display on the bottom of the screen, this might refresh the whole bottom part thus keeping the histogram displayed.

As a consequence, in "M" mode, you could try to assign the shutter speed to the barel ring instead of the aperture (and aperture to top plate dial): you might get the histogram all the time when you modify shutter speed (but might loose it when you modify aperture...)

Have a try and report your results here: we might understand the live histogram display rule...

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