SIGMA DP2 Quattro vs SIGMA DP2s for Travel Photography

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Lord metroid
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SIGMA DP2 Quattro vs SIGMA DP2s for Travel Photography


As a a travel photographer the biggest criteria for a good camera is its portability. However I am also a stickler for sharpness and detail. That is why in the past I have used the SIGMA DP2s. A very small portable and lightweight camera which at the time of its release could be used to make comparatively stunning photographs.

Mesmerized by the even sharper and more detailed images that can be made using SIGMA DP2 Merrill I was considering an upgrade. I placed an order back in July but the camera was on back-order for a month. Despite its larger size and it being heavier, I decided to change my order to the SIGMA DP2 Quattro because the reported more accurately colored out of camera JPEGs and easier operating features such as aperture and shutter-speed dials as well as exposure live view.

Portability (SIGMA DP2s wins)

The SIGMA DP2 Quattro is a beast!
The length of the body and the big lens makes it in my opinion far too cumbersome for a traveler, the unwieldy body design doesn't suit itself for a small bag for protection against the weathers and the weight is a tad to much for the camera to be unnoticeable on your trekking and adventures.

The SIGMA DP2s is nimble and lightweight!
The camera is designed along the "a compact camera with DSLR image quality" spirit of the SIGMA DP-line camera which the SIGMA DP2 Quattro lost. The camera can be carried with ease and is hardly noticeable.

Image Quality (SIGMA DP2 Quattro wins)

The SIGMA DP2 Quattro delivers!
The camera with its 20 megapixel images has four times the resolution of its predecessor with the consequence that details are stunning and highly distinct and the photographs has excellent sharpness if you manage to hold your hand steady. The colors are more accurately rendered but there is a fine background noise even at ISO 100 that engulfs the image completely.

SIGMA DP2 Quattro

The SIGMA DP2s still hangs on!
The camera produces 5 megapixel images and as a result details are far inferior. However, this is very sufficient for A4 sized prints. The colors out of the camera is erratic, sometimes they are great sometimes their is a magenta or cyan hue and sometime they are washed out. However, the image does does not suffer from the any of the background noise which is present on both the Merrill and Quattro successor cameras.



I believe the weight and unwieldiness of the SIGMA DP2 Quattro do make it less suitable for travel photography. However, I will not pass judgment until I field test the camera in October when I travel to New York City.

The greater amount of details are nice but they are also superfluous unless, you view your photographs on the computer screen. In which case they are totally mind blowing awesome! However, they will never show up in print unless you print greater than A4 size or crop the photograph.

Can the the better image quality of the SIGMA DP2 Quattro make up for the far greater reduction of portability in comparison to the SIGMA DP2s? I may end up selling the SIGMA DP2 Quattro almost brand new if it can not, which would be a big let down!


The SIGMA DP2 Quattro is a lot more fun to operate!
I get excited each time I turn the aperture and shutter-speed dials and see the exposure change in the live view. Its autofocus is quicker and almost always locks on even in low light. The camera has more helpful on screen aids such as level and diagram and it has much improved ISO capability.

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