7100 as full frame?

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Re: A lot?

Mako2011 wrote:

billfreedom wrote:

I cant quite figure out why the full frame cameras are so much more $$ than the DX versions.

For example, if you took the 7100 and simply swapped out the sensor and replaced with a full frame sensor and processor and mechanics, how much more $$ would the camera cost to make?

A bit more...relative term, IMO. You would need a bigger mirror box, a bigger mirror, a different/bigger AF unit (more a dimension issue), A bigger OVF assembly, A bigger file handling architecture for the bigger file size, bigger battery maybe, and the bigger sensor....and a bigger body to house it all. You might need a bigger price tag to keep it profitable as well. I suspect, it's just not as simple as you might think.

Bigger file size?

Isn't the 610 pretty much a full frame 7100? To get economy of scale, maybe nikon should have designed the 610 first then simply put a smaller sensor in it to make the d7100.

Given the exact same manufacturing other than the actual sensor itself, I'd guess the production cost would be very similar but the perceived value would still command a magnified price.

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