Moon shot: HX100V still rocks!

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Re: Moon shot: HX100V still rocks!

aaanouel wrote:

That's strange Ice... once seen your great bird and Saturn shots are better than HX100V, I thought that HX300 had, at least, a bit better resolution than HX100V with 1758... I have not been able to obtain Saturn, for example...

Having used a number of these HX cameras I've seen a steady improvement in the potential for images from each new generation. And with the continual addition of new camera features each new generation takes more learning and experience from it's users.

Of course, potential and what any one shot comes out like are two different things. More a function of the user than the camera.

The HX100V shoots roughly as well as it did new, but most folks still using it have piles of experience on how to get closer to it's ultimate potential. Many folks using the latest HX will need more time to accumulate equivalent experience.

I would agree the HX300 has greater potential.

One should also note that the biggest factor in the quality of moon shots is the many miles of continuously mixed atmosphere you are looking through. When that's the most ideal for the shot is when you will get the best shot, for any particular camera.

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