Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art AF Accuracy

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Re: Sample shots showing out-of-box autofocus for my copy.

CreeDo wrote:

Definitely people should stop thinking of "Sigma" as "the cheapo alternative".
On the Canon side also, they made something that blows away Canon's own glass.

If anyone bought the previous generation of sigma lenses, I could totally understand. Their old f/1.4 EX (despite being close to Canikon's 50mm 1.4s) had really obvious flaws. This lens beats the crap out of the EX.

I actually bought an "old" Sigma EX 30mm f/1.4 because it was at a bargain price, and I wanted to see what it was like. As the reviews will tell you, it's not the greatest wide open, and the following quote from SLRGear, is typical, and rather amusing:

At f/2 there's a modest-sized sweet spot in the center of the frame, and the worst of the softness in the corners has been mitigated.

The lens has quite a useful focal length, and stopped down provides reasonably good results. Best regarded as a benchmark lens at the other end of the scale. I have yet to fully test it, but some holiday shots were quite acceptable.

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